About me

Im a freelance photographer with a passion for creative art in all forms and shapes

Captured moments in time makes history for the future

My name is Andreas L Fotos and im a moment capturer also known as a photographer. My passion is Photo/film but i express myself thrue many things. Art in any form is interresting and painting abstracts, mixed media collages is another passion of mine. Visit my gallery

I have always been a big fan of cinema and filming in general. Even before i had a professional camera and aquipment i used whatever junk i could document and film with. Since then i have done a coupple of street music videos and got lots of projects in mind. My dream is to do a short film,exactly how i want it, with no guide to how it should be done.

Welcome to follow my progression.

You can create beautiful things - but you have to see them in your mind first. Trees grow however makes them happy.