I am privileged to have gotten to know and worked with many great and influencial people in my life as a photographer. All in the spirit of expression and art.


Scandinavias biggest hiphop-magazine

Kingsize organizes the annual Kingsize Awards where Swedish artists are praised for their efforts during the year.
Kingsize is also involved in the releases, events, concerts and a variety of other projects targeting the hiphop scene and young people in general. and is scandinavia's largest digital urban lifestyle sites. They focus on music, fashion, dance, graffiti, games and anything else that
interest their visitors.

I am currently and on occasions doing photoshoots and also photographing concerts and interviews for them!

AIK Football flag



AIK Football club is one of Swedens best top league club and i did some work for them during summer -12.

Since i am a big AIK fan and i have played for the club as a junior i am really proud to have worked with them and for them!

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MA&MA is a brand that was started 2010.

It comes from a combination of the two founders first names Maggie&Mamacita.

Their catalogue consist of mainly accessories and is inspired by everything from masaian warriors in Kenya to modern streetwear.

(See gallery for photos)

See more of these talanted girls work here:

Altersten Art Connection

Altersten Art Connection

Altersten art Connection is a firm that works with urban, art-related projects and sale of art-related products.

Me and the founder Mikael Altersten started working together in 2012 and have collaborated in several projects with me as the photographer and Mikael as the painter and artist.

Mikael is a part of the Art group /OUTSIDERS/.


Altersten art connection on facebook:

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